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           Evolving from a rough and tumble logging and mining town in its earliest days, Los Gatos became a comfortable agriculturally based community in the first half of the last century. During the 1960s and 70s, a time commonly referred to as a “cultural upheaval,” Los Gatos became somewhat of an art colony, rebuilding and reinventing itself. With the full blossom of the “Silicon Valley” culture, Los Gatos became the bedroom community for the affluent entrepreneurs and engineers spawned by the new, high technology industries.  The Art Bridge tells the story of the rebuilding and the reinventing and its influence today.

           There are three elements to this web site. The left most column below are the Art Bridge's activities that are current and happening today, such as our Art Bridge blog, with postings at least once a week (we hope). We have one hardcopy book now available while another is in the works, and we have been working on more . . .

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In the center column, we will tell the onging story of the artists, crafts people and cultural movers and shakers of our town, starting at the Era's beginnings. In the right hand column are lists and graphs, presentation slide shows, pictures and articles documenting the sort of work we did back during the Art Bridge "Era" (starting in the late 1950s through the Loma Prieta Earthquake in late 1989), as well as what we are currently doing. Many of us are yet around and we don't retire easily.  The right hand column is as much an ongoing, growing asset as the other two columns.


For history buffs, this site has lots of data and we try to keep it as accurate and current as we can.  For old timers, this should rouse some memories, for the newer residents, one can learn how Los Gatos has become the special town we are all so proud of.  And for the visitor who has never lived here, get acquainted with a very special place.  This site is intended to start this great story, not end it.  Our intention is to rustle the leaves of old memories and bring out some stories we haven't collected yet and bring them into the fold, to expand the communal memory of the Art Bridge and expose the history, the stories and the heritage to those who weren't lucky enough to personally experience it.


This is a site not so much about history but about a place, and its people, and how the present day came to be . . . Enjoy.


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The Beginnings of the Los Gatos

Professional Artist Community



In the 1950s, the young east coasters and Midwestern boys were returned from the Pacific War with the Japanese and, a few years later, the North Koreans and they were passed through the “Golden State” of California. Early Spanish stories spoke of a California that was some kind of paradise. Now, who, with just a half a brain, would want to return to the harsh winters of the East Coast or the harsher and harder winters of the Midwest, when you could enjoy this joyous and venial sunshine all year long? Why, indeed? Many of the boys stayed in California, this western and lush paradise.

And, more so than the arid, southern flat lands, the San Francisco Bay Area seemed to attract the more artistic and adventurous fellows, giving rise to such places as North Beach, Sausalito, Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue and the Peninsula’s Stanford University to become haunts for a small and subtle alternative culture. No doubt, the the northern area's rowdy, Gold Rush heritage had a large part to do with this attraction as well. This was the fertile hotbed for the Bohemian experiments, the “Beat Generation” as we came to know it.

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to be continued . . .



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