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Significant Events of the Art Bridge Era


  1973   Western Sprints Regatta



Jim Farwell organized the very first regatta up in Lexington Lake in 1973. He was a member of one of the Los Gatos founding families and the rowing coach at Santa Clara University. He was also the founder of Mountain Charley's Saloon and Restaurant.  Jim was an avid booster of town and was involved in many of the our generation's early events. Because of a very windy Sunday, this event was never completed and came to be known by townspeople as the "Regretta."


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  1974   The first Cat's Hill Criterium



Early in the Los Gatos Bike Club's efforts was Los Gatos Criterium, held on University Avenue near Old Town. That race lasted a few years and then racing within the Town of Los Gatos fell dormant. In 1974, Lorine and Bob Tetzlaff met with Tom Moore of Moore Buick and the Cat's Hill Bicycle Race was born. Bob designed the current course, and Lorine named the event and did a lot of the serious financial and organizing work. Tom Moore provided the sponsorship money. Kidding about the name of the race, Tom said, "It'll never last." Well, as we know, it has become a classic event with nearly three decades of continuous competition.


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(text from the Cat's Hill web site)

  1974   The Second "Dammit Run"  

(following is the text of an article from the Los Gatos Times-Observer - August 14, 1974)



The second annual Dammit Run is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 23 and entry forms are available at Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce office on Montebello Way.

The race, starting at 9 a.m. at Los Gatos High School's Helm Field, will be run the same day as the Los Gatos Cultural Festival.

Later, at 10:30 a.m. at Helm Field, a four-person mile relay race – Merchant's Race – will be run at Helm Field.

All of this is co-sponsored by Los Gatos Athletic Association and Los Gatos Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Entry fee for the Dammit Run is $1.50, 50 cents less than the fee charged those who enter race day. Runners may register at 7:30 a.m. sign ups at Helm Field.

The race has a large number of categories for men and women.

Categories are senior men, senior women, open men, open women, high school boys, high school girls and 12-and-under. A wide assortment of trophies, medals await top runners and every finisher will receive a ribbon and free drinks.

A Chrislow's perpetual trophy will be presented to the organization with the best four collective times in the Dammit Run.

Entries to date in the Merchant's Race are Sir Toby's, Mountain Charley's and an all-girl Mountain Charley's Saloon team.

Course of the Dammit Run trails from Helm Field, across lower athletic fields, up the channel, up the face of Lexington Dam, across the top of the dam, through Sacred Heart Novitiate property, down College Avenue, through a gate to the channel, north under the Main Street Bridge, back across lower fields to Helm Field.

(transcription - Lyn Doughtery, photo - Taste of Los Gatos)

  1977   The first Shooter Scooter Race  

The first year's race started at Number One Broadway with a shot, down to Poco Loco (a small bar which sold only beer and wine) for a "small" beer, up the steps to Mountain Charely's, down to the Chart House (now Palacio), up to Carry Nation's (which had recently opened on the site of the old Park Lounge), then back and up the stairs to Number One for a final shot and a tag to the next runner/walker. We had five shots and a beer. And, being the good naturedly sadistic types that we were, the shot glasses were filled to the brim, which meant two ounces of whiskey per shot.

(an account by Tom Ovens)

  1985   The Lexington Fire  

With the 100 percent containment of the Lexing fire, that wracked a $7 million dollar property loss, 4,500 have returned to their homes to set to the task of repairs, cleaning smoke-stained walls and removing ashes.
Some 13,800 acres, 24 homes, five mobile homes and one garage were ravished in last week's blaze. Full fire control is expected by 6 p.m. Saturday, July20, said Angelo Chancellor. fire inspector for the Central Fire Protection District. The fire fighting cost as of Monday was nearly 1.75 million dollars.

(Micro-film image - Taste of Los Gatos)



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