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Of course, we mean Artists of the Art Bridge era through the present.

In no way do we consider this to be a complete list. Though we aren't exactly old and feeble, this all happened 40 years ago. Our memories aren't 100% and we've lost touch with some old friends. So, if we've left anyone off this list, or this site, let us know and we would be glad to include them.




James Bacigalupi

    Fine Furniture Maker




Jim built the original bar at Mountain Charley's for his Master's Thesis and went on to design and build the room that is Number One Broadway. He is now famous for his custom furniture and ecclesiastic fixtures.


John Battenberg



John was a Professor of Sculpture at San Jose State University and also lectured and served as an artist-in-residence at colleges and universities worldwide. John completed many large commissions, both public and private, spanning the United States and Europe.


Phil Bircheff

    Fine art sculpture




John Forbes

    Art glass

    John Forbes is a self taught glass craftsman and owner of Bonny Doon Art Glass. His most promiinent work in Los Gatos is the large, stained glass "Cypress Tree" above the bar in Number One Broadway.  

Billy Iberti

    Fine furniture and





Tony Lynott

    Art glass and sculpture



  A native of Los Gatos, Tony started his art glass business while still attending Los Gatos High School. He has completed in excess of 500 pieces for commercial establishments, and over 2,500 residential commissions at sites throughout the world.  

David Middlebrook

    Fine art sculpture

    David Middlebrook is an artist who traces his roots to ceramics and who has evolved to become a professional sculptor specializing in site-specific work. He accepted a teaching position at San Jose State University in 1974, relocated to California and has maintained a studio in the hills of south bays Los Gatos ever since.  



Tom Stanton

    Art glass


Trent Thompson



Barney Davidge

    Architectural Rendering


Don Faia

    Graphic Designer


Gene Faucher

    Graphic Designer


Fred and Diana Gillespie

    Specialty Publishers


Rick Guidice



Paul Grabeel

    Architectural Rendering


Ann Jaekel



Susan Jaekel


    Encouraged by my artist parents, I received a great art education at San Jose State, the best classes being taught by working professional artists. Today I live in Los Gatos, California and work in a lovely studio designed by my husband, a multi-talented artist who is a great supporter of my art.  

John Johnson



Gary Hart

    Industrial Design,     Photography

    Gary Hart Designs is a Mechanical Design Consultant with a "40 year Degree of Experience" in the Product Development field from Bicycles to Bio-Tech Surgical equipment and beyond.  

Frank Laulainen



Sharon O'Neal


    Gary Schloh



Rick Tharp

    Graphic Designer

    Moving into a small studio in Old Town in the mid-1970s, Tharp soon became a prominent and substantial influence on nearly all aspects of Los Gatos art and identity  

John Pugh


    John Pugh has created a stimulating and enlightening venue for both public and private art. While he was not so much a part of this large and active community of local artists, his work is prominent in the town's "building-scape."  

Marty Rice



Ernie Brower


  Magnus Effect   Ernie's career as a first rate copy writer started in the Church Street Building, then with Brower, Mitchell and Gum Advertizing and on to many high-tech clients  

Billy Craddock


"Be Not Content"
  William J. Craddock was born in 1946, and grew up in Los Gatos, California, attending Los Gatos High and San Jose State.  His best known work, Be Not Content, is a coming-of-age novel set in San Jose, California, in the mid 1960s, describing the dawn of the psychedelic age.  Be Not Content was republished in 2012.

Jim Creighton

    Non-Fiction Writing

Jim Creighton is a consultant, author and public speaker. He is the author or co-author of seven books. He wrote his best known book, Getting Well Again, with Carl and Stephanie Simonton, and it became an international best-seller. Creighton is a consultant in the field of public participation /dispute resolution and is also Director of the New Ways of Working Network (NewWOW).  



Gary Dahl

    Advertising, Public     Relations

      Gary was an advertising executive, most famous as the "inventor" of the Pet Rock founding Carry Nation's.  

Rudy Rucker


  rudyrucker.com   Rudy Rucker has lived with his family in Los Gatos since 1986. Rucker is an emeritus professor of Computer Science at SJSU. But his true career has been writing. He's published over thirty books, including popular science books and science-fiction novels, and a couple of the novels are set in versions of Los Gatos

We had started to organize a concert in early 2011 where we were to get together as many of the "Era" musicians as we could find. However, the effort got so large that we decided it was best to put it off until we had greater resources to deal with the large response.

Click here to link to the web pages developed to document these concert efforts.