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Slide Show Collection







The first presentation, here, sketches the decline and preliminary demolition of the down town area.  As Old Town opened in 1966, it attracted young and ambitious crafts people and artists.

The second slide show is an outline of Old Town's effect and influence on other efforts to revitalize downtown Los Gatos. 

(most of the images in these two presentations are from the Los Gatos Library History Collection)


This shows the downtown area in the pre-Old Town era,

with it's gas stations and automobile dealerships 



  A quick, pictorial history of downtown Los Gatos starting with Old Town and tracking the various establishments it fostered over the next decade    
  Following are preliminary “slide shows” of some of the work created by the artists and artisans of the era. It is our intention to keep expanding this collection as other of the "era artists" become aware of our efforts and provide us with examples of their work.   Nearly all of this material was collected by Los Gatos Art Bridge. A more complete list of known artists and their current web sites can be found on our site page “Artist’s Links” (click to view)  

As Number One Broadway was being built, Tom Ovens,

its future manager, took photos of it’s construction

  Phil Bircheff was a sculptor extraordinaire who showed his early work in Los Gatos but moved on to study and work in Italy, finally ending up in Arizona    
  Here is a collection of hand made signs by a Los Gatos sculptor for businesses in Los Gatos and outside Los Gatos    
  On September 11, 2010, Art Bridge was just a vague idea, we held a gathering of the artists of the era and interested friends at C. B. Hannegan's, but it was a start    
  West Valley Farming Pics (odd images, no artists)    

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