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Supporter’s Page




Here is a list of people who feel as we do about the recent Los Gatos history and support our efforts to promote the art, crafts and attitudes of the Art Bridge era here in Los Gatos.


We thank them for their support and good will.





                               Name                          Occupation                                                             Comments    
    Chris Benson   Owner, C. B. Hannegan's      


Eliana Brown


Executive Director, Live Oak

Senior Nutrition Program


Maryellen Burr

Speech Pathologist    
    Phil Coleman   "Your Ultimate Handyman"      

Jim Creighton

  Consultant, Writer      

Jim DiBenedetto

Gail DiBenedetto

  Owners, Number One Broadway      


John Eichinger

  CEO, Victoria Capital Mortgage Company, Victoria Properties      
    Jason Farwell   Attorney, Farwell Rashkis, LLP      
    Gene Faucher   Graphic Designer      
    John Hannegan   Owner, C. B. Hannegan's      


Kieth Holland


Owner, Kieth Holland's

Guitar Hospital

    Kristy Kent   Owner, Frank Interiors      
    Rita Marcojohn Owner, We've got your Back    
    Yvonne Mendy   Community/Arts Activist      
    Dan Millar   Retired      
    Mark Nardini   Fine Art and Web Design      
    Tom Ovens Retired    
    Valerie Preston   Owner, Valerie Preston Design      
        Founder, Los Gatos Weekly      
    Dan Pulcrano   CEO, Metro Newspapers      
    Craig B. Rashkis   Attorney, Farwell Rashkis, LLP      
    Peter Rodgerson   Senior Vice President Marketng      
    Rudy Rucker Author    
    Susan Silver   Realtor Extrordinaire      
    JoAn Smith   Executive Assistance, Author      


Trent Thompsom


Owner, Trent Pottery, Master

Ceramics Professional