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Mountain Charely's "Pieces"


  1972 to 1979  The Series of Mountain Charley's "Class Photos"



Each summer, while the restaurant side of Mountain Charley's Saloon and Restaurant remained open, the staff and their families would have a big pool party up in the Saratoga hills. Before the pool party, the participants would gather in the Saloon where a professional photographer would take picture of the enitre group, not unlike the pictures taken at school graduations in the modern day. The difference was that unlike modern photos, the owner of Mt. Charley's insisted these pictures be taken with an archane consideration, long forgotten, "don 't smile!" Early photography had very long exposure times so photographers preferred that people being "shot" keep straight, unchanging faces rather than try to hold a forced smile through the entire exposure process.

  1974 The "Plank Board" Lunch, Less than $1.99



Always innovating, the Charley's crew came up with a great little lunch for the mountain side wood chucks and damsels of the day. Click the photo to enlarge.

  1974   The Front Door Sign  

A custom designed and built redwood sign of multiple dimensions and layers was affixed to the outside of the one time Odd Fellow's Temple. Click the phoo to enlarge.


  1975   The Saloon as a "Non Saloon"  

Owner Jim Farwell was a highly motivated community supporter. He often availed his establishments to local charities, such as using the Saloon as a banquet room for the town's several service clubs.

  1977 -- 1983 The Shooter Scooter Races  

The Shooter-Scooter races were not an exclusive Mountain Charley's event, though the Charley's team was often the winning one. Click here to read about these uniquely Los Gatos races.



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