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The Los Gatos Art Bridge's

First Time Advertising Program



           We at LG Art Bridge like to think that what we do is simple, clean and basic, but always with the goal to achieve a high degree of tasteful and attractive professionalism. For many months, people have been asking when are we going to start “monetizing” the Art Bridge, that is, to start making money from the project. We have toyed with a variety of ideas but we feel that we have now come up with a program that truly provides our potential advertisers, here in Los Gatos, with quality exposure that they can afford while maintaining our standards of attractiveness and artful presentation. We strive to avoid the hype and “hard sell” techniques so commonly used in advertising campaigns as our primary concern is for artists making art, not using art to sell business. We feel confident that, by now, the artists in town know we put them first and foremost in our decision making.

           About a month ago, we stumbled onto the following blog page concept (see below). It has become the core of our new advertising program. For fifty dollars a month, the advertiser will get a listing on this page, which we are simply calling the “Businesses Page” as well as their own individual “Jump Page” on the LG Art Bridge blog site (the link after each listing). They will have the opportunity to change the content of the listing and the jump page up to four times per month. Thus, if an advertiser should have a special event, such as a sale or a guest speaker, in fact, whatever they might have planned, it can be updated in their ad on a timely basis. It is as simple as that. The advertiser must provide their own ad copy (text) as we have a hard enough time writing enough to keep the blog itself, interesting, timely and relevant.

           Obviously, the sample jump pages linked to this sample Businesses Page are out of date as these listings were courtesy announcements for each of these businesses on the Art Bridge blog and not actual ads.



For More Detailed Information About the Ad Program, Click Here.




LG Art Bridge is Going Legit!

If you don't have a need to advertize, at least tell your friends about Los Gatos Art Bridge. Finally, we are out to actively promote this thing. Help us build up the readership, join our email list and urge your friends to do the same.

Questions and/or support can be emailed to information@lgartbridge.com or hardcopy mail to

Los Gatos Art Bridge

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