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A Hint About This Blog Site

by edhawk on February 19, 2013

If you are following this blog and get an email every time I post something, I have a suggestion, don’t spend much time on the email version and just go to and deal with the same layout and pictures that I do.  This is the page that I am working from as I build each blog post.  While I am primarily a writer, I have spent most of my life in publishing or the graphic arts, and the appearance of my pages is pretty important to me.  This WordPress site that I use to build and manage my posts has a number of limitations and restrictions which I have learned to work around, to get as close to the page appearance that I am looking, as I can.

However, the emails that WordPress sends out to my “followers” (those who choose to follow the blog and receive the automated emails)  after I publish each post, look wholly different from anything that I see as I am building the post.  Often times, instructions regarding picture placement, line spacing, text enhancements (color, italics, etc.) are not adhered to in the emails and they tend to have a cluttered and utilitarian look.  Far too often, entire pictures are simply deleted.  I am continuously dissatisfied with their appearance and inconsistency.

As I build each post, I am continually referring to the image that is on the site, not the email.  It is very disappointing to look at the emails and see how much of my effort is wasted.

Also, admittedly, I can’t always find anyone to proof read for me as soon as I might like.  With the emails, my typos are etched in stone, so to speak, unchangeable, but on the site, I can update it as often as I like, or need to.

Obviously, read whichever you like but I thought I’d make you aware of the differences.



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