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Really Bad Roads, Not Just in Los Gatos, But All Over California

by edhawk on October 20, 2015
Saratoga Overpass 4

The straps holding the Saratoga Avenue overpass together

Saratoga Overpass 3

More Saratoga Avenue overpass strapping

Back in August, I published a posting about the bad condition of the streets and roads, here, in Los Gatos (click here for a link to this post). In this post, I included several pictures of the really sorry condition of the Saratoga Avenue Overpass which carries traffic over Highway 17. As I understand it, this overpass was built, and is maintained by the California highway agency, CALTRANS.

Last night, I was watching KTVU news (Local Channel 2) and I saw a hundred foot long stretch of an overpass railing, and its cyclone fencing, tore off of this CALTRANS overpass up in Oakland (click here for a link to a KTVU segment regarding this overpass).

Once more, I shake my head in frustration and resignation. Here we are, reading headlines about the conflicts regarding a potential California bullet train. We hear about towns fighting to get support for downtown networks for Wifi. We need to bring BART to San Jose, now, which we should have done when BART was first built more than 50 years ago. Are the silly, freeway signs telling us how long it’s going to take to get from one place to another, are such signs really so necessary? Where is the sense of reality, of true purpose, of such bureaucracies like CALTRANS? Are all of these new bells and whistles really so necessary, so important, that we use limited resources for their proliferation while the basic and essential infrastructure of roads and bridges for which CALTRANS is responsible, are held together with the bigger scale of a farmer’s bailing wire and tar patch repairs.

I don’t feel like saying much more about this. It’s just all too obvious, it’s all too real. Priorities are just very screwed up now-a-days. We can order a fast food pizza and have it delivered to our front door with just one or two touches on a modern, cell phone “app.” Who cares about the conditions of our roads and bridges. After all, pretty soon, our “one touch” pizza’s will be delivered not using the dilapidated roads and freeways, but delivered by the newest technology fad, drones. Who needs roads?

This is all so ridiculous. We worship technology, ignoring the infrastructure upon which it is built. Pretty soon, the entire house of cards must come crashing down, so falsely and unrealistically prioritized. I’m glad I’m old, and not young, having to live through the surely-coming crumbling of this unrealistic and extravagantly, non-austere reality. This world is becoming a very flimsy place, ignoring and disdaining its very own foundations.










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  1. Since this is back to the future day Oct 21 2015. “Roads who needs roads”

    • edhawk permalink*

      The last time I rode a “hover-board” I broke my ass. I prefer things that stay on the ground!

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