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Down with Donald Trump

by edhawk on March 1, 2016

I’m writing this at about noon time on the day called “Super Tuesday, 2016,” the Tuesday just after the oddball day of the leap year, the 29th of February. Long ago, I repudiated American two party politics and I’ve ignored all of that bi-partisan bull shit with the greatest of vehemence for most of my adulthood, it demonstrating such a gross, unlogical and ill conceived bunch of mechanisms which attempt to achieve some twisted sort of the greatly heralded “democracy” sought by the ancient Greeks such as Socrates, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes.
Our absurd “Electoral College” has long been weakly sustained over several centuries as some sort of “realistic” but totally illogical presentation of the will of the people in this country. Tradition counts for something, but how long does it count for such irrational and ridiculous procedures and processes? And, to consider such a system as valid when the country which uses it, is the planetary leader in might and technological righteousness during the current day, after two wold wars and one very scary cold war, all in the first half of the last century? Let’s get our shit together!!!!!

On this March 1, of 2016, why am I so hesitant, so afraid, so cautious to let the world know how I hate and despise the lunatic ramblings of a self indulgent hypocrite who is, at once, a well known billionaire, his billions built on millions provided by his greedy heritage, something not available to any of the rest of us, while at the same time, he finds himself a self-glorified hero of the uneducated and ill-endowed victims of the American experience. What could be a more contrary reality in an election year? And yet, the ill mannered and ill educated fascists of the current day endear this modern devil of the retards and ugly weaklings of the society as their savior.

And now, these modern “brown shirts,” so similar to their book burning brethren of the German Nazi of the 1920s and early 1930s grin and glitz at their success, here, in a country that once fought those brethren to the end of their existence.

And yet, here they are again, on a distorted election day . . .

But, what’s worse, is why are the educated and more intellectually endowed of us, letting this buffoon scare us off, and leave us silent, still, looking over our shoulders, unsure as to eradicate such a villain. Doesn’t the past teach us anything?

Are we really going to allow the brown shirts, the Nazi criminals and the followers of another Hitler to move forward, once again, with down turned eyes?

When do we learn our lessons?  Are we to fight WWII all over again, but now on our own territory?

OK, now I’ve said it. Now, what’s going to happen to me? Why does this nut case and his followers shame you into a “politically correct” unsureness and silence?


To hell with correctness, let sanity be the reality.


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  1. Hooch Raider permalink

    Wow, Mr. Hawk, I am profoundly disappointed in your post, and I admit, some of my sentiment is directed at an audience wider than just you but just as wild with assumption and the very fear you project upon Mr. Trump. Perhaps you should take some time and actually listen to what the candidate has to say, as if you did, you, if you are intellectually honest with yourself, would realize that everything in your post is nothing more than…crap. Are you free to have an opinion, yes, you absolutely are, and I solute your right to say, “…hey, Trump just isn’t my candidate.”

    So…if Trump isn’t your candidate, as seems so crystal clear from your post, then who is??? How about a nice informative piece on who you think we the people should elect, or are you only capable of behaving in exactly the same fashion as you condemn, inaccurately and, frankly, brutally irresponsibly, as Mr. Trump being?

    (part 1 of 2)

  2. Hooch Raider permalink

    (part 2 of 2)

    Geez…what the hell is going on? A candidate that you don’t agree with is doing well with your fellow citizens; so you think you need to sound the horn, as if only you and a select few know “the truth”?

    Mr. Hawk, you typically write interesting and insightful posts, and I am glad you are posting with more frequency but on this one, no…huuuge miss.

    Thank you for your diatribe, as inaccurate and ignorant as it is, but I will respectfully say no. Instead, I will think for myself. I hope you do the same, and if you come to the same conclusion that “Mr. Trump just isn’t your guy,” then that is okay. I still respect your ability and desire to support and vote for a candidate that I may not support or vote for. Still searching for that mutual respect from so many and now you too I guess.

    -Hooch Raider

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