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Nasty Choises

by edhawk on April 20, 2016

You know, sometimes I ask myself some really off the wall questions. Like, right now, what if I found myself in a weird situation, where I’d have to choose between having to lose my sight or my hearing. Which would I choose?

It seems to me that the knee jerk response would be to choose sight, and give up the ability to hear. But, as I consider it, I so often, when I’m under stress, I call up my Pandora station and plug it into my stereo and go to sleep listening to my favorite music. Do I really want to give that up?

In the work-a-day world, I listen to my old, familiar rock and roll, so close and well-known to me after these 50 years. But, when I’m in more sedate and relaxed modes, I bring up the classical music, from the likes of Chopin, Bach and Beethoven and enjoy the creative and complex nuances of their compositions, so long ago, in such a much more simplistic world, without electric amplification and toe tapping fuzz boxes.

Boy, which would I choose, sight or sound?

That’s a tough one.







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