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by edhawk on September 4, 2016
It might be that San Francisco 49er Kaepernick is displaying what some might call “un-American” behavior. But what of some of the richest corporations in the country, like Apple, who send their manufacturing jobs to continents where the United States isn’t, to use the cheapest offshore labor available. Then they park their profits on other continents where the United States isn’t, to avoid paying U.S. taxes? And doesn’t the U.S. taxpaying public provide a really substantial portion of Apple’s very ample income? How supportive is that of the U.S. publicly funded services, like the military, the police, and all of the taxpayer funded programs? How responsible and truly pro-American is that? How fair is that, to the working taxpayer who, religiously, buys every new I-phone each time one is released?
Such corporate behavior, it seems to me, verges on being criminally and actively un-American. How does one football player’s passionate and personal ‘refusal to stand’ compare to that?
Let us keep things in perspective.

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  1. John Shepardson permalink

    Do we have a racial injustice problem? If no, then “pass go” and do nothing.
    If yes, then we need a new “game plan”. Let’s generate the
    best ideas, and implement them. Then, continue to use the ones that work.

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